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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction in Parramatta

If you think you’re stuck with your body with its slight flaws, think again. At Neo Body Laser Clinic, we can help you with fat removal in Parramatta, including cellulite treatment, fat reduction and skin tightening. Below are some of the forms of non-surgical fat reduction in Parramatta we offer at our clinic.

Cellulite Treatment in Parramatta

Our cellulite treatment in Parramatta varies according to the kind of cellulite being treated. We may choose to use 3D Dermology, which is a vacuum skin rolling technique to smooth out lumps and bumps. Or we may use our Radio Frequency method to tighten the skin.

Skin Tightening in Parramatta

For skin tightening in Parramatta, our clinic uses 3rd Generation Radio Frequency technology. This treatment involves using 3 or more electrodes around the body to allow radio frequency energy to flow underneath the skin layers. Spot treatment is possible with this precise technique.

Fat Removal in Parramatta

Our Inches Loss fat removal service is a cavitation technique which literally melts fat away on deep levels of adipose tissue. Cavitation is recommended for clients who desire 3 or more inches of fat loss. This treatment is a powerful alternative to liposuction.

Fat Reduction in Parramatta

For fat that’s located in pockets around the body, the technique of cryolipolysis is a good choice of treatment for fat reduction in Parramatta. By using controlled low temperatures, fat is frozen away in a non-invasive localised form of fat reduction.

For Non-Surgical Fat Removal in Parramatta, Choose Neo Body Laser Clinic

Neo Body Laser Clinic offers a range of special techniques for treating cellulite and other lumps and bumps, enabling you to enjoy a smooth and slender body. Our experienced and professional beauty therapists can advise you on the best fat removal treatment for your individual needs. For aesthetic results you can trust, call us on (02) 8677 1226 to make an appointment.