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For laser treatment in Parramatta, there’s no better choice than Neo Body Laser Clinic. We’ve been in the Aesthetic Industry for over 20 years, specialising in laser treatment for people with darker skin tones. If you’ve been searching for the best laser clinic for dark skin in Parramatta, make sure you come by for a visit. One of our dedicated beauty therapists will be happy to welcome you to our cosmetic clinic in Parramatta and answer any questions you have about laser hair removal and the other treatments we offer.

You may also choose to make an appointment at our clinic for skin treatment in Parramatta. We provide a range of different kinds of beauty treatments for the skin, including Mesotherapy skin tightening, microneedling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and LED or Photodynamic therapy.

Popular Services at Our Cosmetic Clinic in Parramatta

Laser Hair Removal

During a session of laser hair removal, a concentrated beam of light is aimed at a single hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the skin pigment, which damages the hair follicle enough to prevent future hair growth. Laser hair removal is quick and convenient – only requiring a few sessions – and the results are permanent.

Fat Reduction

At Neo Body Laser Clinic, we offer non-surgical forms of body sculpting with no anaesthesia necessary. Our methods of fat reduction leave no scars and cause no discomfort. You won’t need any downtime to heal from them, either. They are non-invasive and a great alternative to liposuction.

Skin Treatments

We use 3rd Generation Radio Frequency treatment for skin tightening on the body or face. This skin treatment in Parramatta uses 3 or more poles to distribute radio frequency energy under the skin. This is a precise treatment that only affects the target area.

Skin Conditions

We implement the most cutting-edge, non-surgical European technologies to heal skin conditions such as acne, acne scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation, skin aging, uneven skin, open pores, under-eye circles and kertosis pilaris.

Detox & Weight Loss

Our cosmetic clinic in Parramatta has a specialised infrared sauna – also known as a detox sauna – which helps to detox the body. The sauna gives off infrared light and heat which causes you to sweat, aiding the release of toxins that have built up in your body.

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For all your beauty needs, visit our cosmetic clinic in Parramatta. We offer a wide range of professional, innovative and safe beauty treatments to keep you looking your best. To make an appointment or enquire about our services, call us now on (02) 8677 1226.

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